Claims for mis-sold investments – If you have lost money on an investment that you made as a result of poor, misleading or incorrect advice, you may be able to make a successful claim for compensation and get your money back.

What are mis-sold investments?

A mis-sold investment can be defined as one that was misrepresented or unsuitable for your needs as a result of the deliberate, negligent or reckless sale of that investment product.

However, it is very important to note that your investment might not have been mis-sold simply because it did not perform as well as you had hoped. Clearly, there are many factors both environmental and natural, which can affect how the markets react and thus how well your chosen fund may have performed or will perform in the future.

Were you mis-sold investments?

There are a number of key indicators that could be warning signs of mis-sold investments, including:

If you feel that you did not really understand what you were signing up for and the risks that were involved, your adviser has not done their job properly.

Some unscrupulous advisers have made people feel pressured into signing up for an investment product or make false promises, in which case you can claim for investment mis-selling. Classic signs of mis-selling include leading you to believe that your investment would perform really well and that your money was completely safe. The adviser may also have seemed intent on selling you one particular product above all others or might have encouraged you to transfer your money from one investment to another on the promise of much higher returns.

What action should you take?

If you think you may have been mis sold an investment, you should contact our helpful team of experts at Financial Resolver to discuss your case in confidence and find out whether you may be able to claim compensation and get your money back.

We specialise in pursuing claims for mis-sold investments. Over the last three years, we have enabled many people who have been the victims of investment mis-selling to successfully bring compensation claims to get their money back. We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, and we make no up-front or cancellation charges.

If you believe you have been mis-sold investment, you do have options. Contact our helpful team of experts, in confidence, for advice on whether you may have a claim. We won’t take on a claim unless we consider it to be strong and credible. If we think that your claim may not be successful, we will advise you accordingly.

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